There are many ways in which someone can participate in what’s happening at Commonwealth Christian Academy.  First of all, we hope that you will pray for our staff and our students.  We believe that prayer changes lives and that God hears us when we call upon Him.  Pray for His blessings upon us as we strive to make a difference in the lives of these children.
Other ways to help include:
  • Volunteer – we can always use tutors, especially in Math and English.  If you could give one hour a week during the school year, we can use you!
  • Donate – 85% of our funds to operate come from our donors.
  • Sponsor a student – You could sponsor a student for a full year for a one time gift of $10,000.
Special Tax Savings for gifts above $500 – For gifts $500 or more, you can receive a VA income tax credit at 65% of the value of your donation through the Department of Social Services’ Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).
Prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this important ministry.  
Anything you can do is appreciated!